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Dig into the 5 most common bottlenecks of recruiting, learn how to work through them yourself, and also how to coach your team through them.


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Yes, Add Superpower Coaching

"The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any "- Alice Walker.  YOU have unique leadership talents and we want to help you discover them so that you can step fully into your power as a leader.  Add this 15-30 minute private coaching session with Tasha's business partner (and co-creator of Your Leadership Foundation), Karen Hammond to discover YOUR leadership superpower.  Once purchasing this, you will need to send your top 5 talents to Karen at and grab a 30 minute slot on her calendar at

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200% Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that this course will change your business for the better, that if you implement everything and don’t make back your investment, we will give you double your money back. (see terms and conditions for details)

In this course you will get


In one company, 33% of top ranked leaders have registered for one or more of our courses, and/or have asked us to help train their teams

When we surveyed our graduates, the group on average tripled their new customers from the 8 weeks prior to the course to the 8 weeks during it. And this doesn’t even include how their confidence changed, and how their leadership skills improved.

In the past year and a half, over 5300 students have registered for one or more of our courses, without any paid advertising or affiliate marketing. That’s how much positive word-of-mouth there is.

One company that we work with sold out of their most popular kit 4x in the first year that we worked with many of their distributors. I guess that’s not normal.

From one of our clients at the highest rank in her company: Never before have I seen a training program take a group of people from such vastly different backgrounds and skill levels and bring them on the same page of delivering consistent value to their customers and to the ultimate success of their business. Emerge sales training has simplified the way and allowed those once paralyzed by fear of sales to blossom with confidence as they found comfortable ways to serve their customers and remain true to who they are as individuals. Those who came in with with higher level of skills have found a way to simplify what they are doing and train those joining them to hit the ground running and make their business profitable. I’m so thankful to Tasha and her team for bringing so much value to our industry!

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